1. Running on MIUI.
    Some users reported HotdogEd could not find any installed providers when running on MIUI. That's because of default privilege system does not allow them to autostart. This can be changed in MIUI settings.
  2. Still can not find providers.
    See the previous question. If this is not the case, try to disable or setup your antivirus protection software, firewalls, autostart managers and "battery optimization" programs like "Purify". They can prevent providers from autostarting.
  3. Your speak Russian. Why the hell everything is in English?
    Because that's convenient to me. Translation takes a lot of time, so maybe when all other problems in HotdogEd are solved, I'll make some i18n.
  4. What about supporting AKAs?
    HotdogEd supports as many AKAs (servers) as you wish with the only remark: you can't have multiple points on one ftn node. This is a limitation of ftn provider. The nntp provider allows many accounts on one server.
  5. FTN provider keeps tossing same PKT on every poll.
    It's a bug, I'm sorry for that. If you have root just delete it from data dir of the app (provider). Otherwise please reinstall the provider from google play or clear the provider data. Pay attention: not HotdogEd editor, but ftn provider only! You'll than have to reconfigure your server (node) password once again, all other data will remain untouched.
  6. Connection timeout on MIUI.
    It's a MIUI issue, please turn off all energy saving and battery economy for all HotdogEd providers used and the editor itself. See also questions 1 and 2.