What information does HotdogEd collect and why?
Being an FTN and NNTP client HotdogEd Editor and corresponding providers (Fidonet and NNTP) only collect data needed to process the normal workflow for the mentioned protocols and services.
HotdogEd Editor collects no user information. Though it may request the access to your gallery or camera in case you wish to post a photo as an inline attachment or as a link.
HotdogEd FTN Provider collects user name, FTN address and FTN binkp password to allow access to a remote FTN uplink via binkp protocol. See binkp protocol description for usage details.
HotdogEd NNTP Provider collects user name, e-mail and password to connect and authenticate at the remote NNTP server. See NNTP protocol description for usage details.

How does HotdogEd protect your information?
All sensitive data, including user names, passwords, e-mails, FTN-addresses, etc is kept safe on the Android device with no access for other applications. For better security, passwords are kept encrypted and are not accessible unless for the outgoing session by the corresponding provider.

What information is disclosed to third parties?
No information is disclosed to any third party or goes by some way out of your device unless it is expected by the connection protocol.
FTN (Fidonet) connection protocol implies sending FTN-address and FTN-password to the uplink FTN-system specified for the server.
NNTP connection protocol implies sending e-mail and password to the specified NNTP-server.
Being a message client for FTN and NNTP protocols HotdogEd Editor uses the corresponding providers (Fidonet and NNTP) to send text messages generated by the user on Android device. Thus it sends user generated text messages' contents to the uplink system if the user wishes to do so.

Changes to this privacy policy.
In case this privacy policy needs to be changed, the changes will be posted on this page. For the modification date please see the bottom of this document.

Contacting us.
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This document was last modified on: 07-MAY-2018.