HotdogEd 2.13.4 preview

09 Feb 2017 / Sergey

Please visit a Downloads section for a new preview of HotdogEd 2.13.4 (@08.02.2017) with Android 7 support and some new features and bugfixed.

Release will be available soon. :)

HotdogEd FIDO point request bugfix

15 Jul 2016 / Sergey

I've fixed a bug in fido provider which prevented the user from requesting a new point from the HotdogEd. It's on google play now ot can be downloaded directly:

HotdogEd 2.12 released

20 Mar 2016 / admin

I'm happy to announce HotdogEd 2.12. Please update the editor and all providers you are using.

Main features of this update include:

- FTN addresses are clickable.

- Full UUE support:

- Samsung multiwindow:

- Picture sharing to FTN and NNTP (uploading to site or as inline UUE section):

- FGHI url area:// support (links are clickable).

- Blue theme (some artifacts also available :) ).

- Many new general settings.

- Many bugfixes reported by users.

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