I'm happy to announce HotdogEd 2.13.5. Please update the editor and all providers you are using (this version checks version numbers to preserve database consistency).

Main features of this update include:

- Android 7+ support.
- Searching.
- Virtual groups.
- Scoring.
- Overquoting deletion.
- Some new quoted parts management when replying to the article.
- Part splitting.
- FTN-compatible networks support (with other domains).
- FGHI urls local search support (area://)
- Hardware keyboard articles navigation.

Minor changes and bugfixes:
- Images can be inserted to the message now also by "Add below...".
- No more ugly (!) signs and formatting bugs.
- Subject length check can be disabled in general settings.
- Really many bugs fixed - please report them all to me.

Please see the documentation for filters, scoring, virtual groups and searching description.