HotdogEd successfully returned to Google Play

07 May 2018 / Sergey

HotdogEd successfully returned to Google Play.

Google Play delisted HotdogEd due to missing privacy policy.

07 May 2018 / Sergey

Google Play delisted HotdogEd due to missing privacy policy stating the following:

After review, HotdogEd Editor, com.pushkin.hotdoged, has been removed from Google Play because it violates our personal and sensitive information policy and section 4.8 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. This app won’t be available to users until you submit a compliant update.

Though HotdogEd is available for free via the Downloads section of this site, in order to make the users comfortable I've created and published the application privacy policy here: Documentation was also updated.

Hope we'll be back at Google Play soon.

HotdogEd 2.13.5 released

13 Mar 2017 / Sergey

I'm happy to announce HotdogEd 2.13.5. Please update the editor and all providers you are using (this version checks version numbers to preserve database consistency).

Main features of this update include:

- Android 7+ support.
- Searching.
- Virtual groups.
- Scoring.
- Overquoting deletion.
- Some new quoted parts management when replying to the article.
- Part splitting.
- FTN-compatible networks support (with other domains).
- FGHI urls local search support (area://)
- Hardware keyboard articles navigation.

Minor changes and bugfixes:
- Images can be inserted to the message now also by "Add below...".
- No more ugly (!) signs and formatting bugs.
- Subject length check can be disabled in general settings.
- Really many bugs fixed - please report them all to me.

Please see the documentation for filters, scoring, virtual groups and searching description.

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