HotdogEd Editor

For those who wants to read fido and nntp on Android devices I'm happy to announce HotdogEd.

Latest official release: 2.13.5

- NNTP-client.
- FTN point system (suitable for Fidonet).
- Multiple codepage support
- Different sorting and threading algorythms.
- Support for netmail.
- Fullscreen mode.
- Images display support.
- UUE support.
- Image and text sharing to FTN and NNTP.
- Data sharing support.
- Navigation with volume buttons between articles.
- Synchronization scheduling.
- New messages notification.
- Themes support.
- Address book.
- Scoring, filtering, searching articles.
- Virtual groups (saved searches).
- Hardware keyboard navigation support.
- FGHI-urls support.
- Othernets support (FTN-compatible networks in different domains).

System requirements:
- Android 2.3.3 and higher.
- 50-100 Mb of free internal storage space for message database, depending on the amount of message you'd like to keep.

Known bugs:
- None for the moment.

Thanks to:
- Ivan Agarkov AKA 2:5020/848 AKA /849 for a mailer and tosser called jNode - fido feed provider is based upon it's code.
- Evgenii Maletin AKA 2:5020/2140.140 for Kubik for Windows - with it's help I was able to debug with less efforts.
- Alexey Vissarionov AKA 2:5020/545 for support and kompot :).
- For all testers who responded and sent bug-reports.